Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thirsting for a Thursday Special?!

We're back from vacation & figuring out how to jump back into a routine of being productive citizens of our community. You've most likely missed Sunday Snippits & Tuesday Tea Time, those are everybody's favorite pieces of me sharing Life, Spirit, & Sparkle. So here's a Thursday Special to quench your Thursday Thirst!

Vacation time is over & it's a chore getting back into a routine. It's not an unwelcome chore, but nonetheless a chore. 

Vacation Highlights
1. The beach
2. Our fairly quiet resort (totally recommend The Outrigger)
5. Visiting Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West, seeing his polydextrous cats, & then eating at his local favorite local saloon (see Sloppy Joe's).

We got lots of rest, saw some cool historical sites, took in the local eateries, & collected some really neat shells. The ocean was warm & waves were playful. 

What adventures has the Spirit led you to lately?
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