Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Tea Time!

It's TUESDAY TEA TIME! and today I found even more fun Tuesday Tea Time photos on Google, that I might have to share two!

While I was hangin' with WOK this morning before coming to my other job (sittin' at a desk, answering the phone when it rings), he was watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" (the recent version of Mr. Roger's neighborhood) & Daniel was having a "Birthday Tea" with his friend Catarina's (the cat) monkey. I'm not sure I've ever had a birthday tea, but it sounds like a fabulous idea!

My GOLDEN birthday is tomorrow!

My mom mentioned that she had never heard of a "golden birthday" till getting to know Auntie Di many years ago. This is a family friend who's known me my whole life, I believe. I vaguely remember celebrating my brother's golden birthday when he turned 14. However, a 14 year old boy generally isn't into sparkly gold things. I totally intend to wear whatever gold I have! This honestly isn't very much though. I have costume jewelry, a tank-top that's flecked with gold, & a brown scarf belt/hair wrap. I just remembered I might have some old dance costume pieces left, but I'm not sure I want to venture into that! AND I sorta want to go to Target & buy these gold sandals or something like them. I generally don't splurge on cheap unsupportive shoes anymore, but this is a special reason, right?!

How have you celebrated your or other's GOLDEN birthdays?

With a birthday tea perhaps? While I'm sure I'll have tea in the morning, my plans are to do a historical tour of Fort Snelling, maybe some hiking along the river, get my free schooner of beer from Manning's Cafe, pick up my Dairy Queen ice cream cake, return home in time for some sort of surprise delivery, dinner & live music at Hells Kitchen with friends, & then back to the JZ Seminary Shack to share the ice cream cake with friends. It should be a splendid day!

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