Monday, January 21, 2013

New Year's Blog

Happy 2013!

As I start this year (though already half way through the first month) I am trying to give this blog more of a point. It might simply be to share in life with anybody that cares to read it, but currently I only have roughly ten readers & if I'm going to take the time blog, I want to inspire more people than that. While I am still sorta "Globe Trotting with God," the title does quite seem to fit my life currently.

So I officially declare this blog under surgery. You may not see major changes, but I can guarantee a few.

A brief update for the faithful readers:

The holidays went quickly. We welcomed the New Year in with friends in St. Paul & have been living the strange life of the coldest month of the year. I say strange b/c J-term is a time that campus turns inside out. The Distributive-Learners come from across the country & several of the residential students head off campus & out of the state or country for a break or some sort of cross-cultural experience.

More to come soon!
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