Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After much moving around over the last 9 years (since graduating high-school) we are back in the Twin Cities for one final year of graduate school. Then who knows where we'll move to. I'm hoping next year's move will be a little more permanent and to a little more spacious dwelling space. For the time being though we are thankful to be where we are.

Our time in the Northwoods came to a close a few weeks ago and while it was sad to say g'bye it was good to be moving forward. I told Z, now we have a bunch of extended family members with lake houses we can visit! What a challenging year we had & who knows what lies ahead.

We have been on the run ever since we moved back. Surprising right? Ok, not so much, I know if you read my blog that you know we're on the go at a pretty fast rate a whole lot of the time. We started back at our student jobs, have been meeting all sorts of new people and reuniting with good friends as we all return from across the country. We even threw in a trip to the DC area for our niece & God-daughter's baptism! What a joyous occasion to be a part of. The Holy Spirit is a powerful presence when we stop & acknowledge it.

Tonight we made homemade cookies and invited some friends over to catch up. Much laughter was shared by all. The weekend is a time of relaxation before the semester starts up on Tuesday. Enjoy some photos of the fun we've had over the last couple of weeks.

Happy September!

our new Ikea sofa & the crew that helped us put it together

Z & J in the Capital

J & J

MN State Fair

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