Friday, September 10, 2010

Year 18

So the first week of the start of my 18th year of school is well underway. It's prolly more like the 21st or something if you count pre-school too. Actually the week is technically over. The reading lists are well over 1,000 pages between all of my classes, for the semester. It's an interesting place to be. I'm not totally new, yet I've still got a few years ahead of me with plenty of transitions to come. The semester is going to be plenty busy, but thankfully it looks like it should end on a smooth note. That is as long as I stay on top of everything throughout the semester. I'm taking fun classes like Hebrew, Preaching, the Gospel of Mark, Mission 1, & Church Music. Not only is that all fun, but I get to use the awesome skills that summer Greek taught me in my Mark class. It'll be interesting using Greek while learning Hebrew. One thing that I continue to learn in seminary is how to put my thoughts about the church & mission & my life into words for people to understand. I know this might seem like a "duh" thing, but you don't always realize how much we can't explain why we believe certain things or act a certain way until we're made to. It's been a productive evening of laundry, cleaning the house, updating my calendar & getting a feel for the semester load. Now time for bed :-)
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