Saturday, February 16, 2008

mayhem mania 2008

Since the beginning of 2008 my life has been one adventure after the next. I have moved to a host home (GREAT family), the team cell was lost, my wallet got stolen, we got in a car "accident," I'm on my 3rd new cell phone of the year, my car broke down & still isn't fixed 100%. I'm sure there are a few other silly things that I can't think of right now. If this is how the entire 2008 year is going to be I will be very happy to see 2009. Through it all though I know that God is teaching me lessons that I may not see now, but will look back on maybe even in a week or maybe five years and understand.

Our schedule in this new year on team has been very busy. We have continued on with the usual schedule of after school programs & mid-week worship at the three churches, but we have also added a few new fun ministry opportunities. We have taken one youth group to the Chicago quake and returned that Sunday just to put together and prep for our first Prayer & Praise with the high schoolers that we're now having at the end of every month. We're also finally getting a step forward in the lunch programs with the different high schools near the churches. Another mid-week after school/worship program started up too.

Currently I am visiting seminaries & grad schools to try & figure out my future. I'm in MN this weekend & thankfully able to hang out with some great people that I don't get to see all that often. Next weekend I'll be in PA and staying with a good friend and possibly seeing a few others I haven't seen in 2 years. Through all the "mayhem mania" God is still very present and blessing my life daily with people who are encouraging & loving. One big thing in my life right now is that I'm praying about doing a second year of team. I really want the experience of an international team so I am going to apply and see what God has planned for me. Some days life is very uncertain, most days lately, and my teammate and I have found Isaiah 44:21 comforting in knowing we're not forgotten and that all are loved and chosen by God no matter what happens. "People of Israel, you are my servant, so remember all of this. Israel, I created you, and you are my servant, I won't forget you" (CEV).
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