Saturday, August 25, 2007

NEVER reverse the van

This is one thing I learned this week even though my team doesn't get a van. The last week has been a whirlwind & amazing & low & loving & just good ol' times with old friends & lots of new.

Amber & I had a fun trip to Chicago area & got to visit with some good Spoke Folk (SF) friends & then had a long time in the airplane on the ground b/c of weather & other fun traveling stuff. We finallyl made it to Minneapolis though to meet up with the wonderful Jeremy Nilson. I actually got to see my good friend Luke from CAP in the airport as well which was really exciting. He's on an international team this year.

I can't even remember everything from this week 'cause it's been lots of long days. Amber (my friend from Ft. Wayne that's on the Great Lakes team & also mentioned above) randomly got paired together as prayer partners which is funny 'cause we've known each other for nearly 6 years & there were 50some other people that we'd never met. Today the CBTs (Community Based Teams) had to leave the traveling teams so that was really sad. We are now in Stillwater, MN for our training for the next week and a half & the other teamers are at Camp Luther Dell. The benefits of being on a CBT is we will hopefully be able to see a few of the other teams when they're on the road.

Life is good 'cause God is good & He amazes me every day with his love. Off to evening worship!
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