Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time!

There's a tea in the fast lane! Life has been fun, but very on the go lately. It has especially picked up since returning home. While we were on the run with travels I saw new tea shops all over! It was exciting, but unfortunately I did not have the time or money to stop & sample ever one.

Celestial Seasonings is a common name on grocery store shelves, but unless you live in certain areas of the country - such as CO where Celestial Seasonings has their home base - there aren't always that many options of this line of tea. My mom & I had hoped to visit Celestial Seasonings while we were in Colorado recently, but unfortunately it was not near to anything else we were doing. Clearly we'll need to take another trip some day!

One thing I enjoy about this particular line is that they do not individually wrap each tea bag in the paper/foil wrapping. They also do not attach strings & therefore tags. By not doing these things Celestial Seasonings reduces waste by 3.5 million pounds from landfills each year! Seriously that is phenomenal! Just in the last 30 years I swear we have seen land fills become more noticeable in the USA because they are growing & growing & growing.

Where is all this coming from? Well, Z & I are starting our first compost & in all reality MUCH of what we toss each day can be composted. By MUCH I mean tea bags, coffee filters & grounds, used facial tissues, dryer lint, yard scraps, fruit scraps, paper & cardboard. Seriously, want to know more? (and I think you should!) Check out this list! My friend GPA recently told me that she has friends who live close to her that aren't able to start their own compost so they do the little containers in their kitchens (all you need is an air tight container) & line them with compostable bags & then contribute them to her larger compost when they're full. YaY for community building!

Here's to other people & companies doing good for the earth through the little day-to-day things like tea bags! You're AWESOME!
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