Thursday, October 23, 2008

mr. son

Hiya brothers & sisters! It's Julia live from the Luther House at the University of New Mexico. Life is grand on the road. We've had some incredible God filled adventures since day 1. I'm always in awe of the ways that God's love is shown to us. Some of the ways are through our hosts and safety on the road, but also from the YE family & family back home.

Lately I've been able to be in contact with some friends from other countries that I've met in different travels and ministries. It's been such a blessing to talk with them via skype (an online conversation enabler) and be able to share all the glorious ways God is working in life. I know that God is working and stretching me, teaching me in ways that I don't fully understand, but hopefully will some day.

About two weeks ago now we were blessed to experience the Mystery Bus Tour in Garden City, Kansas. It was a fun crazy night filled with all sorts of activities touring from site to site by each clue we were given. My favorite part of the whole night was the bonfire at the end before heading back to the church. The bonfire was great because it was warming up the cold early morning air, but also because we got to see the start of the sun rise. I don't know the last time I was awake before this to see the sun rise.

I've seen the sun set many times because I'm normally awake for this. I don't always stop to watch it, but it happens quite quickly once it starts to set. The smoothness of the sun rising reminds me of Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God!" Even though God's blessings have been abundant I don't often stop to breath deep and take in those blessings fully. It's something I'm working on and I'm sure God is working with me.

This morning I got up and watched the sun rise with Sarah. She loves to do this and does so in every state we visit. At first I thought she was crazy for getting up that early when she didn't have to, but when I got a taste of the sun rise that morning in Kansas I couldn't resist watching it this morning in the brisk morning air. God's continuous work to make us know his love and want to follow his ways for us is a great ride and hope to continue learning to be still and know God.
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