Saturday, May 24, 2008

Living in a Van

Hello friends of Jesus!

God just continues pooring out the blessings this year on team. We left Racine just over a week ago and are now on a weekend break before embarking on a summer filled with Vacation bible School funness all over the country.

Leaving Racine doesn't quite seem real as every other time we've had a break we've eventually returned. The people of Racine have sincerely made a difference in the lives of my teammates & I and will forever have a special place in our lives. We learned a little more about serving and loving as God calls us to and will continue to do so.

After leaving Racine we traveled to Hudson, WI for the night with the Captive Free West Coast team. We were hosted here for the night & woken in the morning by some girls that thought they knew who was sleeping in the building. They thought we were the youth director and some other youth so they came in & yelled " WAKE UP!" & then realized they didn't know who we were so they ran out. The youth director came a little while later and we had a good laugh about it.

The rest of the weekend we stayed with people from the office and were able to attend worship with them. We all went to The Well in Whitebear Lake where I got to see several YE alumni that I hadn't seen in a long time as well as meet a former teamer that was on team with a good friend of mine from CAP. On that Sunday we got to help set up & attend YE's annual SpringFest where all the International Teams performed and talked about their ministries over seas. It was incredible to hear & see how God has blessed those teams.

Monday we headed to Luther Dell Camp in Remer, MN for a week of VBS training. We got to see all of the YE teams and get to know some of them a little better since we only spent a week with them in August. During the week we prepared for the summer and put together a portion of music. It was great to worship with everybody again and know that we are able to lead at least a half hour's worth of worship. We head to Mankato, MN this next week and then to SD for a few days before heading to MT for a few weeks.

My life long best friend's wedding is 2 weeks away and I'm still trying to figure out how to get from Baker, MT to Billings, MT so that I can fly home for this. If yall have any ideas please let me know! God is GOOD! I know my thoughts are scattered, but I wanted to update something.
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